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iGMT pitch

iGMT – Institute of Global Management & Technology

Fill the IT workforce Gap for the Future of Work

Needs of IT resources in Vietnam 2022

  • Serious lack of IT resources (500K)
  • Lack of soft skills & English (700K)
  • Existing IT education (70K, 30% can work and 70% need more training)
iGMT pitch
iGMT Pitch

iGMT will provide offline and online classes on a “Scalable EduTech platform”

  • Soft skills like SAFe, Agile, Scrum training for 300K IT staff
  • A diploma of software engineering for at least 30K IT developers per year
  • English for 100K IT staff


  • Globally vocational education
  • Life-long lean learning

What’s Unique

        Invest in learning a career

  • Proactive pair learning
  • Active learning community
  • Benefits from our diploma program
  • 6 months they can work as an internship and 9 months they can have salary from 400 USD
  • Continuous and adaptable learning (Working in day time and learning as a part time job)
  • After 2 years they can have minimum $1000 salary

So what sets us apart? 

We will bring modern education to Viet Nam that encourages proactive pair learning, enables lean & agile learning and is based on active learning communitiesand a scalable Edtutech platform

Our education services use blended, continuous and adaptable learning aimed at shortening learning time and maximizing the return of investment.  

What are we doing right now? 

To accelerate our progress toward capturing this huge potential we are looking for: 

  • Trainers, partners, staff and facilities to  
  • Our platform, design and offer courses, organize events 

Contact us, call or Email me after our pitch for further discussion 

+84 777 001900